Power cables with reduced insulation thickness

power cables

  • Nexans FLAMEX® power cables are designed to comply with EN 50264 requirements.
  • They are installed in switching station and control panels through cable ducts, pipes and tubes in line with EN 50343.
  • A 120°C conductor temperature is allowed for a 20,000 hours cumulative working time.

Cables Solutions

D'energia e di controllo
Cavi d'uso industriale/Cavi e accessori per materiale rotabile

For protected installation in railway vehicles (locomotives, trains, trolley-busses etc.), switching station and control panels. Installation in cable ducts, pipes and tubes. Current carrying capacity according to EN 50 343.Serves request acc. to EN 45 545-1. A 120°C conductor temperature is allowed for a 20.000 hours cumulative working time.

Developed by the Nexans R&D laboratories, silicone materials show an excellent mechanical resistance to abrasion, tensile strength and cut through, but also a very good resistance to chemical agents. Flexible and easy to strip, our cables are designed to meet the stringent requirements of our customers during cabling operations.


Main properties

  • Low smoke emission according to IEC 61 034-2,
  • Low toxicity (ITC<3) and corrosivity of evolved gases after burning
  • Halogen free content