Control cables

control cables

  • FLAMEX® control cables are particularly recommended for the wiring of electronic equipment in low voltage applications. 
  • Designed to conform to EN 50306, the control cables are intended for rolling stock applications where weight and space is an issue. 
  • A 125°C conductor temperature is allowed for a 20,000 hours cumulative working time.


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Low voltage Control cables
Cavi d'uso industriale/Cavi e accessori per materiale rotabile

FLAMEX® cables are particularly recommended for the wiring of electronic equipments in low voltage applications. Designed to comply with EN 50 306, the insulation is intended for applications where flame and fire retardancy are required, especially for rolling stock applications.

Developed by the Nexans R&D laboratories, the insulation shows an excellent mechanical resistance to abrasion, tensile strength and cut through, but also a very good resistance to chemical agents.

  • Flexible and easy to strip, this single-layer insulation is designed to meet the stringent requirements of our customers during cabling operations.
  • They allow weight and space saving (thin wall insulation: 0.2 to 0.3 mm insulation thickness).
  • One EN standard available with two industrial processes (chemical and E-beam crosslinking).

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