Grounding/earthing cables

  • Grounding/earthing cablesNexans manufactures low-voltage cables for grounding purposes in many sizes, insulation types and fire behavior specifications.


To protect persons and material against lightning strikes on Paris’ suburban express rail system, the RER, uses Nexans large cross-section LV cables.

Cables Solutions

Conduttori in rame
Prodotti per la costruzione di cavi/Conduttori
The diversity and the applications of copper conductors are numerous.

From a single wire to a complex cable, from the lowest section to the highest, copper is available, annealed, hard, bare or plated.

A lot of applications use the properties of copper :

  • Energy
  • Telecommunication
  • Welding…


The copper qualities generally used for the production of conductors are :

  • ETP copper, or Cu-a1, with oxygen content between 200 and 300 ppm.
  • OF copper, oxygen-free or Cu-c1, with very small content in oxygen (20 ppm max.) able to resist to hydrogen brittleness during a heating.