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Upgrading existing IT infrastructures (Cat. 5/6/7 copper cabling)

Often, due to structural conditions, extensions in existing IT infrastructures cannot be implemented at all or only with great difficulty and at high cost. With Nexans GigaSwitch V5 cable duct switches, the flexibility and efficiency of the existing IT infrastructure can be increased significantly.

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Power over Ethernet (PoE++) in robust switches for harsh environments

Nexans iGigaSwitch 10xx family can power end devices with the latest PoE++ standard. The switch has up to 10 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet copper and fibre-optic ports in different combinations.

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French SGP selects Nexans FTTO for its new HQ


Public agency Société du Grand Paris to design and build the Grand Paris Express

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Power over Ethernet (PoE) explained


Get up to date with Power over Ethernet technology for the enterprise market

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Communication Pillar Concept for connection to modern telecommunications infrastructures


Modern communication infrastructures in large Office environments, training and laboratory rooms, as well as in schools and universities require an ever-greater flexibility in terms of connection technology for power and data.

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Power over Ethernet (PoE ++) for existing and new FTTO infrastructures


Typical applications for PoE are wireless LAN accesspoints, IP cameras and Voice over IP phones. For Building Internet of Things (BIoT) the number of possible applications grows continuously. Are performance classes in the range of 60 or 90W really needed today?

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Updated optical fibre field testing procedure


This latest edition takes into account the features of the last generation of field testers and reflects the evolution of the fibre technology.

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Energie AG Austria chooses Nexans to network technical control systems


For over 10 years, Austrian company Energie AG Oberösterreich has relied on Nexans LANactive Industry Solutions for the networking of its technical control systems, in a wide range of areas.

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Redundancy with LANactive Click-In power supplies


Learn more about the redundancy function of our pionnering LANactive Power Supply for FTTO Switches.

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TACACS+ and Nexans LANactive GigaSwitches

Did you know that Nexans LANactive GigaSwitches fully support TACACS+? Find out more here!

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Launch ENSPACE High Density fibre panels


New panels ideal for server racks and medium sized data centres

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Nexans LANactive Zero-Touch Configuration


In a traditional fibre or copper network, each network switch needs to be configured manually. This can be a lengthy process, prone to human error. Nexans LANactive Zero-Touch Configuration is a contemporary way of designing, building and operating networks with minimum effort.

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Texas Data Centre chooses Nexans FIBREROUTE


FIBREROUTE pathways protect and manage your fibre cables

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Power Supply Concepts for FTTO - Central and Decentralized Power Supplies Compared– A Guide to Planning


This document is aimed at planners and consultants as well as network administrators and explains various solutions for power supply concepts in an FTTO network.

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Pan American games in Peru were connected by Nexans LAN Systems!


As a major event for all American countries, the need for extensive infrastructures has been an important focus for the customer, with practical and financial challenges, which Nexans has helped to achieve.

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LANactive Fibre To The Office Switch and Fabric Attach functionality from Extreme Networks

LANactive switches and protocols are interoperable with offerings from other switch manufacturers and work with third party non-Ethernet devices. LANactive also offers full interoperability with various network management systems.

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Nexans LANactive 70W Click-In Power Supply – enhanced version now available with redundancy


Nexans LANactive launches an enhanced version of Click-In, the next generation power supply unit for efficient PoE supply for Fibre To The Office (FTTO) installations.

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*NEW* LANactive Industry - Solutions for Smart Grids Brochure


Check out our new LANactive Industry solutions brochure for Smart Grids

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The impact of 5G on indoor wireless networks


New Nexans white paper discusses the implications of a 5G network technology on  indoor wireless infrastructures.

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Launch LAN Systems Blog

You can expect weekly posts covering all facets of our LAN business for enterprise, data centres and harsh environments.

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Launch LANsense AIM software

The new LANsense software is fully compatible with current LANsense Next Generation Analysers and all existing LANsense hardware.

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Welcome to the LANactive world!

We are happy to launch our #beyondcable campaign. Enter the world of LANactive and find out what our customers have to say about us!

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Slimflex Cat 6A: achieve double density in data centres

Save up to 50% space in data centres with LANmark-6A Slimflex solution

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We are not only producing cable....


Last year Nexans has installed 4 beehives on the top of the roof of our new Headquarter in Paris (France), bringing a harvest of over 100kg of honey.

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Success Story - Municipality of Athens chose Nexans FTTO solution


Municipality of Athens chose Fibre To The Office! Find the full story here!

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Launch OM4 solutions for Data Centres in violet


OM4 products are now available both in aqua and violet colours

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New white paper: Network redundancy for mission critical applications - HSR and PRP protocols

You can download the new LANactive Industry white paper describes redundancy solutions for mission critical applications -  HSR, PRP and other protocols.

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Launch OM5 solutions for Data Centres


OM5 multimode fibre increases capacity for data centres

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LANactive Starter Kits

LANactive Starter Kits are designed to demonstrate Nexans managed FTTO and Industrial Ethernet switches capabilities by professional way. It can be used during the technical evaluation, meetings, exhibitions or provided to the customers for further testing.

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LANactive V5 - Boosted to the next level

Introducing LANactive V5, the new edition of Nexans’ pioneering LAN technology.

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Earthing Guide for structured cabling systems


Updated Earthing Guide for LAN systems and related hardware available for download

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Smart Choices for Enterprise catalogue available

New 92-page product catalogue for structured cabling systems in Enterprise environment features all Nexans copper and fibre cables, connectivity and structural hardware.

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MTP PRO fibre connector for Data Centres

MTP PRO ideal for solving on-site polarity & gender issues

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Boosted to the next level - LANactive V5

Want to boost the power and performance of your LAN? Introducing LANactive V5, the new edition of Nexans' pioneering LAN technology. LANactive offers an alternative approach to traditional LAN using Fibre-To-The-Office (FTTO).

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1st Nexans Engage Partner Forum


On 1st February 2018 Nexans Cabling Solutions held its first Engage Partner Forum at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart - Germany.

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Transforming Athens City Hall with Nexans Fibre To The Office [Video]


The city of Athens has adopted Nexans LANactive Fibre To The Office (FTTO) solution as the most cost effective and energy efficient network technology for their buildings.

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Decoding Standards


Latest Issue : January 2018 : ISO/IEC 11801 upgraded LAN cabling standard

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New Cabling Tenderbooks for Enterprise, Data Centres, FTTO & Harsh Environments


New cabling tenderbooks for quick and easy project bidding

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FIBREROUTE Planner Software

Free Visio software for planning data centre fibre trunking systems

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Launch OM5 Wide-Band Multimode Fibre

Recently standardised OM5 now available from Nexans

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LANactive Industry tenderbook for harsh environments and mission critical applications

Nexans releases the new LANactive Industry tenderbook which is intended to assist designers with tender specifications for Nexans industrial Ethernet switches and its accessories.

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New iGigaSwitch 10xx E+ family

Nexans introduces the new iGigaSwitch 10xx E+ family - 10 ports managed Industrial Ethernet switches family with new processor, real-time management, harmonized design, more flexibility and new features.

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Converged Application Score (CA Score)


How well will your cabling infrastructure support convergence? 

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'Cabling Cafe' - Webinar Series


Webinars covering structured cabling technology, standards, and practical tips

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Launch fibre cables with highest CPR fire performance class


The new Nexans LANmark-OF MBUN cables meet B2ca s1, d0, a1 level according to CPR regulation.

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Online Link Warranty now available for Category 6A


Cat 6A now included in instant self-certified link warranty

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Nexans wins Data Center Solutions Vendor of the Year award


Nexans awarded at The Integrator ICT Champion Awards in Dubai

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Construction Products Regulation (CPR)


FAQ related to LAN Systems

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FIBREROUTE Trunking System


Fibre protection for high density data centres

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Smart Choices for Enterprise Infrastructure


Discover the 3 steps to prepare your LAN for the digital revolution. 

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Click-In Power Supply


Nexans Click-In is a next generation power supply unit for efficient PoE supply for easy migration to higher power budgets. 

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Solution for IP Video Surveillance, Security and Building Management Systems

LANactive Industry Solution for IP Video Surveillance, Security and Building Management Systems

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Networks for Mission Critical Applications and their Challenges

If the infrustructure of mission critical application network goes down, this can result in serious issues, damages or life-threatening situations. So the requirements for such networks are significantly higher.

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Nexans Product Portfolio for IP-based Security Applications

Nexans offers a growing range of active and passive network components with an exceptional performance for critical applications. Positioned as a One Stop Shop Nexans develops high end solutions to address various needs in IP video surveillance, building automation and security management.

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Farewell to Rosetta - mission complete


The mission ends with a controlled impact into comet surface

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Secure Lock Copper Cords - LANmark-6A


Category 6A added to range of locking cords

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Nexans Visio Templates Updated


NVT v4.0 now available - free download

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Green Buildings and Energy Efficiency

How can you equip a new or existing building with a state-of-the-art network whilst also conserving energy?

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Conventional power substations are being replaced by intelligent substations which areequipped with control, measurement and monitoring facilities, etc.), These intelligent substations are connected together and interconnected with the central station via modern communication networks. In the energy sector, from production to distribution, this has driven the creation and definition of communication standard IEC 61850.

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Fibre Cleaning - Best Practice : Part 2

2nd installment highlighting correct prcedure.

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Data Centre Catalogue

2016 catalogue now available

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DatacenterDynamics Webinar - 28th June

07/06/16 Per saperne di piu'...

Fibre Cleaning - Best Practice : Part 1


The importance of following correct procedure

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Support services to assist building an agile IT infrastructure

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ENSPACE - High Density Fibre Solutions


Specifically designed for high density and ultra high density data centre applications.

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CeBIT : Smart Choices for your Digital Infrastructure

CeBIT in collaboration with DatacenterDynamics is back for the 2nd annual DCD at CeBIT -delivering the world's largest full-stack data centre event onto CeBIT's international stage in 2016.

Under the title "Smart Choices for your Digital Infrastructure" Nexans will showcase its latest data centre innovations.

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Secure Lock Copper Patch Cords

Locking Cat 6 UTP patchcords introduced

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Fibre Testing & Cleaning - New Procedures & Tools


New tools and documentation to ensure best practices for fibre inspection and cleaning.

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Category 8* solution for Dutch contractor BAM


BAM opts for Category 8 and FTTO solution as a test site.

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Pharmaserve selects LANmark-6


Nexans solution for converged network infrastructure to support voice, video, data, door access, building management systems and HD IP CCTV applications

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Nexans Visio Templates Video Tutorial


Learn how to create professional rack drawings and export the list of products used

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New Caledonia Hospital installs Fibre-to-the-Office Solution


New FTTO architecture using Nexans LAN -switches to connect ultra modern facility

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A guide to Fibre to the Office (FTTO)


The benefits and practical application of FTTO using a 1000 port example

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New design guidelines for LANmark-6A


Shorter patch cords and CP lengths now supported

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Airbus UK HQ


Airbus UK gets a new network linking buildings from centuries past to brand new offices and facilities.

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Nexans wins ‘Structured Cabling Vendor Of The Year’ for the 2nd year running

Nexans awarded for its innovative cabling portfolio, regional deployments, expertise and excellent customer service and support.

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Hyatt Place Yerevan Hotel

Armenian hotel looks to Nexans to help deliver highest service & quality.

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Cat 8 is coming! - International Roadshow


Join an international roadshow to examine the latest developments in high bandwidth copper & fibre cabling and testing. 

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Social Media Channels


Follow us on social

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IMG Productions


A new location and a shift toward digital technologies necessitates an appropriate infrastructure for leading sports programming producer.

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PE Sheathed Cat 6A Cable


New LANmark Industry cable

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The World's Most Unusual Data Centres



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New Fibre Installation Guides


New series of fibre installation guides launched

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Rosetta Phones Home

Comet chasing satellite wakes up from deep space hibernation.

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LAN Calculation Toolkit v1.4 released


Includes a brand new tool + updates for latest standards & products

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Cable the Future Magazine


Request a free copy of Nexans LAN Systems magazine.

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Russian RT TV news channel goes digital


RT (formerly Russia Today) television and Nexans have jointly developed and implemented a fully integrated networking solution for the TV network.

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Infostrada adopts Data Centre infrastructure

Infostrada has deployed a LANmark infrastructure to transform broadcast processes and bring online and mobile video to millions of viewers worldwide.

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New UK style modules for LANmark connectivity


25x50 and LJ6C, flat and angled modules

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Slimflex High Density (HD) patch cords


High density variant + now featuring pull tab and changeable polarity

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MPO range expanded


New additions to LANmark-OF Plug&Play range

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Copper cabling - Field Testing Update


WireXpert gets a firmware update & Fluke DSX-5000 is approved. See full details.

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LANmark-OF Pigtail Sets

Sets of 12 coloured pigtails added to range

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Why Screening? New White Paper

Download new White Paper

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Willis UK Data Centre

Global insurance leader relies on LANmark for UK data centre

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Ethernet celebrates its 40th Anniversary


Watch the interview with Bob Metcalfe, inventor of Ethernet.

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Termination Videos


Visit our dedicated installer YouTube channel

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Nexans awarded 'Structured Cabling Vendor of the Year’


Nexans beat strong competition to win this prestigious award for its solid cabling solutions portfolio, expertise and excellent customer service and support.

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New Ruggedised Zone Distribution Box


Nexans expands Zone Distribution range with box for industrial premises and demanding environments.

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Pinewood Studios - cabling for HDTV


Pinewood Studios UK selected Nexans for the cabling upgrade to prepare its television studios for advances in High-Definition technology.

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LANmark Fibre Optic Solutions

02/05/12 Per saperne di piu'...

3rd Party Patching and Mounting Products


Suppliers of related support materials

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Fully compliant Cat 6A screened connector enables short links in data centres.

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REACh-ing for chemical safety

REACH is a European Union regulation  that requires producers and importers to submit information on chemical substances produced in or imported to the EU market.

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A migration path to 25G

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Nexans and Interxion strengthen their partnership

Interxion increases reliability and durability of hosting facilities

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New LANmark Warranty

Nexans Cabling Solutions is proud to launch a new LANmark/LANconnect Warranty application system.

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Intelligent Infrastructure Management supports Good Governance

12th October 2007. Reliable Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) tools provide the audit trails for compliance with good governance commitments
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TNK-BP selects LANsense for its headquarters in Moscow

High Performance Structured Cabling and LANsense intelligent network installed at flagship headquarters in Moscow
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LANsense provides real-time network monitoring for HSBC Global headquarters

HSBC : LANsense intelligent network installed at flagship HQ.

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Nexans Cabling Solutions enables science to thrive on the high seas for National Oceanography Centre

NCS installs future-proof, robust cabling solutions on the RRS James Cook - a new oceanographic research vessel operated by the UK's National Oceanography Centre.
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Nexans install Category 7 for Lings new Honda Centre in Lowestoft

When it came to cabling their new state of the art Honda Centre, Lings Honda wanted the very best – so Nexans LANmark-7 was a natural choice.
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Nexans creates new business unit - Nexans Intelligent Enterprise Solutions

June 20, 2005 - Nexans will create a new business unit under the management of Nexans Cabling Solutions called Nexans Intelligent Enterprise Solutions (IES), which will specialize in the development of products & services under the LANSense brand.
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UCL adopts Nexans networking infrastructure to future-proof its new Engineering Building

UCL : University College London  Engineering Building

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em2c headquarters is Europe's first building to be equipped with a Nexans Plastic Optical Fibre network

Paris, February 8, 2005 - Nexans has installed a complete Plastic Optical Fibre (POF) cabling solution for the headquarters of em2c, a provider of corporate real estate solutions based in Lyon (France).
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Travel Agency installs Nexans LANmark-7 GG45

'1-2-Fly', the Hannover based travel agency has installed over 3000 GG45 connections in it's new HQ.
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Nexans and Mysticom Extend 10 Gigabit Ethernet links to 25 meters over Cat.7

Paris, November 26, 2003 ' Mysticom, an innovative supplier of high-speed communication ICs, announced superior performance and extended data transmission distances during interoperability testing with the Nexans Cat.7 connector and cable assembly solution.
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Nexans Future Proofs UK Government Security Services

Paris, September 3, 2002 - Nexans has successfully teamed up with Unisys and BT on a project to supply a high performance LAN to one of the most demanding customers in the world, one of the UK's Security Agencies.
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Nexans Visio Template provides the ideal cabling system drawing tool for LANmark solutions

Paris, October 21, 2003 ' Nexans has developed NVT ' Nexans Visio Template ' to provide the ideal cabling system drawing tool for use with its LANmark copper and fiber cabling systems.
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Nexans cables "The World"

Paris, July 9, 2001 - Nexans, a world leader in the cable industry, has announced that installation of the latest state-of-the-art communications network has begun on 'The World' of ResidenSea, a new super luxurious cruise ship intended to be a floating home on the high seas.
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Nexans completes renovation of entire university campus network

UvT : University of Tilburg has complete campus network re-cabled

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SAS Radisson installs LANmark-6 at St Gallen

SAS Radisson : Nexans has installed a LANmark Category 6 cabling system in the 130 room four-star hotel in St Gallen, Switzerland

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SAAB install first Category 7 installation in Sweden

Nexans have recently handed over the Sweden's first Category 7 installation to SAAB Training Systems.
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Swiss Life opens new vistas with Nexans LANmark Category 6 cabling

To meet expansion needs, the organization relocated to the historical Edward Pavilion, Albert Dock, in the heart of Liverpool's dockland area. This location was ideal for the company's Client Service Centre, but presented some real challenges to Nexans and its certified installer, Groestar Communications Limited (GCL). Fully commissioned in late 2001, the network has been operating flawlessly ever since, and will be fully able to meet new data applications for years to come.
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Nexans LANmark Category 6 cabling reinforces security of Romania’s air traffic control

The need to have real-time transmission, no delays and absolute system reliability led Nexans and its customer-partner, the UTI group, to recommend the use of a higher bandwidth copper solution for the center’s Local Area Network. This installation, the first in Romania, has performed flawlessly, and has rapidly become a new standard in the country.
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LANmark-6 reaches new heights in Switzerland

On completion, the building, officially known as “Messeturm”, will be over 105m tall with 31 floors. When completed, the building will house the Administrative Services Centre for the Basel Fair, in addition to other leased office space.
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Freeserve connects using LANmark

The installation was completed by The Telephone Company(TTC), a Nexans Certified System Installer (CSI).
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