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Nexans presented its MOTIONLINE® automation cables at SPS Italia 2019

MOTIONLINE global range

SPS is Italy’s leading Industrial Automation and Digitalization trade fair. End-users, OEMs, distributors, systems integrators and specialised press come together to network, collaborate, and celebrate this vibrant and ever-changing industry. Nexans has been proud to attend this year –  and to bring our complete range of MOTIONLINE® industrial automation cables to the exhibition.

Manufacturing MOTIONLINE® cables on a global scale

Nexans has a significant manufacturing footprint for Industrial Automation, including two dedicated plants in Europe, a plant in China, and a plant in the US.

Research, development and testing is at the heart the Group’s commitment to excellence. With a dedicated R&D centre and local R&D teams, Nexans has been developing innovative cabling solutions and materials that meet the needs of customers anywhere in the world. In addition, the Group has created a Motion Application Centre facility designed to test automation cabling performances by exposing cables to dynamic operating loads that simulate realistic conditions for required bending, torsional strength, and tension



MOTIONLINE® cables deliver comprehensive service capability for Industrial Automation from miniature control cables to discrete power cables and industrial Ethernet cables. It also encompasses hybrid cables that unify power and signal cores within single cable cross-section.

These cables deliver reliably high performance whether they’re being used in chain, bus, robotic, sensor, or control applications – even at operating speeds hitting 300m per minute.

Every cable under the MOTIONLINE® branding conforms to all major International Safety Standards, including VDE, UL, CSA, ANSI, and CCC. They’re fire and heat-resistant for the sake of driving safety and performance, impervious to oils, fats, and other chemical agents, and their technical support is tailored to the needs of the individual customer.

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Nexans brings energy to life through an extensive range of advanced cabling systems, solutions and innovative services. For over 120 years, Nexans has been providing customers with cutting-edge cabling infrastructure for power and data transmission. Today, beyond cables, the Group advises customers and designs solutions and services that maximize performance and efficiency of their projects in four main business areas: Building & Territories (including utilities, e­mobility), High Voltage & Projects (covering offshore wind farms, submarine interconnections, land high voltage), Telecom & Data (covering data transmission, telecom networks, hyperscale data centers, LAN), and Industry & Solutions (including renewables, transportation, Oil & Gas, automation, and others). Corporate Social Responsibility is a guiding principle of Nexans’ business activities and internal practices. In 2013 Nexans became the first cable provider to create a Foundation supporting sustainable initiatives bringing access to energy to disadvantaged communities worldwide. The Group’s commitment to developing ethical, sustainable and high-quality cables also drives its active involvement within leading industry associations, including Europacable, the NEMA, ICF or CIGRE to mention a few. Nexans employs nearly 27,000 people with industrial footprint in 34 countries and commercial activities worldwide. In 2018, the Group generated 6.5 billion euros in sales. Nexans is listed on Euronext Paris, compartment A. For more information, please visit: