Festoon Applications

PVC flat cables (H07VVH6-F)

  • Cost-efficient LV cables transmit energy and control for festoons in overhead cranes
  • Screened or unscreened

Nexans has designed a wide selection of screened cables to eliminate EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference), and handle frequency variations needed for variable motor speeds.

Rubber flat cables (Rheyflat® N)

  • Designed for frequent bending in one plane and aggressive indoor/outdoor conditions
  • These LV cables provide energy and control to cranes in temperatures of - 35°C to 60°C.

A high-end solution, often used in the steel industry for example. KCI Konecranes is a major customer for this type of rugged cable.

Rubber round cables (Rheyfestoon®)

  • This product range can combine a data and energy cable with an integrated databus.
  • Flexible and long-lasting
  • Ideal for high-speed applications (+200 meters per minute and beyond).

Nexans provides variations of this cable to worldwide market leaders of Ship-To-Shore (STS) cranes such as ZPMC.

Rubber-sheathed optical fiber (Rheycord® OFE M or R)

  • Totally impervious to EMI during data transmission, this cable incorporates optical fiber in two different designs.

The smaller M cable was originally developed for mining, but both it and the thicker R version perform excellently on STS cranes in festoons and e-chain systems. For reeling applications, we developed the R version offering high tensile strength.