Nexans: contract with Perenco in West Africa

The Group will supply comprehensive power and control cable solution for Perenco's Gabon offshore oil field development

Paris, 24 January 2005 - Nexans, the worldwide leader in the cable industry, has been awarded a contract worth approximately 9 million Euros by Perenco, an independent European oil company, to deliver power and control cables for the development of its oil fields, located 40km off the coast of Gabon, West Africa.

URC-1 cableUnder the terms of the contract, Nexans will supply a complete range of cables and accessories to Perenco including submarine and underground XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) power cables, fibre optic telecom cables and MV (medium voltage) power cables. Nexans will also provide technical support throughout the North Gabon Project.

"Nexans has a long history of supplying submarine cables for oil and gas field development projects in West Africa. This latest very important contract is a perfect illustration of our capability as a global supplier, with factories in Norway, France and Belgium working together to deliver a comprehensive high-technology solution which meets all Perenco's cabling requirements for the North Gabon Project." says Yvon Raak, Member of Nexans Executive Committee.

XLPE cables
The major element in the contract (worth approximately 6.8 million Euros) is the submarine power cable system to provide power at 36kV to four offshore platforms operating in shallow waters at a depth of around 50m. It will comprise 73km of three-core composite XLPE cables incorporating an 18-element fibre optic core for control and communication functions. These cables will be manufactured at Nexans' factory in Halden, Norway.

Fibre optic and MV cables
In addition to the XLPE cables, Nexans is also providing a wide range of cables worth 2.3 million Euros. These include: 27km of telecom fibre optic cable, manufactured in Rognan (Norway), to be installed along the pipeline, and 60km of twisted and three-phase underground 18/30 kV MV power cables to connect the two centres at Batanga and Echira to cable tunnel and auxiliary equipment. This cable will be manufactured at Bourg en Bresse (France).

Nexans is also supplying Perenco with 60km of underground cable incorporating an 18-element fibre optic core. This cable, manufactured in Belgium, will be laid in parallel with the power cable.

Delivery for all the different types of cable for this project is planned for the end of 2005.

Perenco in Gabon
Perenco ( has operated in Gabon since 1992, and currently produces 50,000 barrels of oil per day from numerous onshore and offshore fields.

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