Nexans Introduces Pre-Terminated Fibre Assemblies

Added-value solution to reduce installation time and cost and ensure long lasting reliability of Local Area Networks

Lanmark_OF PreTerminated Fibre AssembliesParis, April 24, 2006 - Nexans, the worldwide leader in the cable industry, has developed an innovative range of pre-terminated fibre assemblies called LANmark-OF Pre-Term. The assemblies provide outstanding cable performance by combining high bandwidth fibres with enhanced performance connectors. This added-value offer significantly reduces installation time and cost while guaranteeing full scalability and long lasting reliability for every situation whether campus, backbone, Local/Storage Area Network or Data Centre.

Benefits: fast network deployment

LANmark-OF Pre-Term features high performing fibres and connectors, which provide improved end-to-end attenuation and application migration (more than 6 connections over 100m for 10Gbase-SR application). It enables fast network deployment and removes the requirement for specialized termination training, consumables and toolkits. Every assembly is developed and manufactured by optical engineers to individual customer requirements.

Quality: fully terminated and tested

In order to produce high quality, reliable pre-terminated multi-fibre cables, there are a number of physical characteristics that must be addressed. Therefore, all LANmark-OF Pre-Term assemblies are fully terminated and tested in a quality assured factory environment. They are delivered with test results and benefit from the 25 year LANmark-OF warranty program.

Robustness: reinforced protection

To protect connectors from impact, longitudinal stress and crushing forces experienced during installation, two reinforced transparent protection tubes are supplied fitted with the assembly. The solution incorporates an internal strength member which, if required can be combined with a re-usable pulling system.


  • 1000Base-SX Ethernet LAN applications: 1.06 Gb/s Fibre Channel SAN applications
  • 1000Base-LX Ethernet LAN applications: 2.12 Gb/s Fibre Channel SAN applications
  • 10GBase-SR Ethernet LAN applications: 4.25 Gb/s Fibre Channel SAN applications, 10 Gb/s Fibre Channel SAN applications



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