Future-proof LAN Solutions based on fibre


The number of applications on a network increases from year to year. More and more electronic devices and services are making headway into the market. Server Virtualization, Cloud Computing, IP-telephony, Video Conferencing and Blade Servers are some of the drivers for ever increasing bandwidths.

A scalable infrastructure forms the basis for a future-proof solution and guarantees high network performance to meet the demands of  today and tomorrow.

Due to its scalability, fibre is the best medium. The Fibre To The Office (FTTO) concept combines the advantages of fibre with the requirements of modern enterprise networks for flexibility, cost-efficiency and interoperability.

Benefits of fibre optic networks

  • Future-proof (Scalable, flexible, sustainable)
  • Investment protection/life cycle
  • Secure network
  • Low maintenance cost/simple administration
  • Low investment cost
  • Quick and simple realization
  • Up to 70% less energy consumption