2014 Annual Shareholders' Meeting

  	AG Nexans au Palais des congrès de paris  panorama


The Annual Shareholders' Meeting took place on Thursday 15 May 2014 at the Palais des Congrès de Paris, Amphithéâtre Havane. The meeting was chaired by Frédéric Vincent, Chairman and CEO of Nexans.


Quorum (In French)

Results of the vote (in French) 


Download the 2014 Annual Shareholders' meeting presentation


General Documentation

Articles of Association - July 25, 2018

Internal Regulations of the Board of Directors – March 14, 2017

2013 Registration Document

Information relating to the number of shares and voting rights as of the date of publication of the Shareholders’ Meeting Notice of May 15, 2014


Documentation relating to the Shareholders Meeting

2014 Shareholders' meeting - Notice The shareholders’ meeting notice includes in particular the agenda for the shareholders’ meeting of May 15, 2014, the draft resolutions, the report of the Board of directors on the draft resolutions and the presentation of Board candidates

Addendum to the Shareholders’ Meeting Notice - Draft Resolution Submitted by a Shareholder and Rejected by the Board of Directors

Shareholders' meeting notice - BALO (in French)

Voting Form

Details on the 9th resolution (components of the compensation of the Chairman and CEO)

Report on the share capital increase completed in 2013 (in French)

Special report on the grants of free (restricted) shares in 2013 (in French)

Draft resolution submitted by a shareholder, rejected by the Board (in French)


Documents established by statutory auditors

Declaration on payments made under Article 238 bis of French Tax Code (in French)

Declaration on compensations (in French)

Report on the operations on the share capital presented to the Shareholders’ meeting (resolutions n°14 to n°17) (in French)

Report on the draft resolution relating to the capital reduction (resolution n°11) (in French)



Press release, April 7, 2014 -  Nexans’ 2013 Registration document - Mixed Shareholders’ Meeting of May 15th, 2014

Press release, April 15, 2014 - Mixed Shareholders’ Meeting held on May 15, 2014


Presentation of the new members of the Board (video in French)

Philippe Joubert
Expert Energie et Climat auprès du Conseil Mondial des Entreprises pour le Développement Durable (WBCSD)

Fanny Letier
Directrice des Fonds France Investissement Régions Bpifrance Investissement 


Documenti correlati

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Investor Relations investor.relation@nexans.com