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a fully-integrated cable infrastructure

Nexans' answersTo meet the loading, off-loading, and transport challenges of today’s intermodal megaports, Nexans has developed a broad range of cables and cable solutions for virtually every energy and telecommunications requirement. Our world presence, often backed up by local manufacturing capacity, means that we are located close to established ports and new megaprojects.

Nexans energy cables and accessories power everything from offices and warehouses to automated cranes and stackers. Where necessary, cables are Low Fire Hazard (LFH) to protect people and infrastructure. Access-road lighting cables provide efficient illumination for the 1,000 to 5,000 truck movements per day in a busy port terminal.

Since recent attention has been focused on reducing pollution coming from the diesel engines of shoreside ships, Nexans has Alternative Maritime Power (AMP) cables and PLUG systems for cold-ironing. And we have developed lead-free cables for oil and gas terminals, and special cables that can operate in ultra-cold environments or safely transfer liquefied gas.

OEMs will especially appreciate our wide choice of material handling cables for festoons and reels. They come in reduced outer cable diameters, with high tensile strength, flexibility and perennial wear-resistance. The benefits are cost savings, simplified cabling, greater delivery length, accommodation to smaller reeling and guiding systems, and lower shipping charges. For baggage handling conveyor manufacturers for cruise ship homeports, we produce flexible LFH control and power cables which can safely operate at extremely high temperatures.

Since telecommunications are at the core of port operations and critical to issues like security, operational efficiency and safety, we have the most complete offer of any cable company, ranging from optical fiber for harbor monitoring, sophisticated LANs and WANs (including interconnecting components), special cables for cameras of all kinds, and intelligent Ethernet switch systems for surveillance and automated operations. Wherever possible, we merge energy and telecommunications in special hybrid solutions to save space and consolidate functionality.

Finally, since high performance and reliable support are essential to economic efficiency, Nexans also provides numerous services based on our proven experience in the related market segments of shipbuilding, oil and gas, and transport. This includes network design, testing, marine installation, upgrades, recycling and training.

Nexans for safe and efficient port operations

  • A broad range of energy and telecom cables customized for ports
  • Close proximity to many existing ports and new megaprojects
  • Both fixed and flexible cables to meet the needs of superstructure and infrastructure
  • LANs and WANs solutions to deal with the complex information needs of port management
  • Hybrid solutions to consolidate applications wherever possible in the smallest space
  • Land solutions complemented by subsea solutions (e.g. power for large buoys, ship monitoring)
  • A complete range of fire safety cables to protect people, goods and equipment
  • Products to help create greener, more environmentally-friendly ports
  • Cables that can strengthen security and contribute to threat detection
  • Services to support expansion of established ports and Greenfield projects worldwide