Market challenges

Challenges to the oil and gas industry

Onshore market challengesThe oil and gas industry is continuing to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and exploit new fields. Non-conventional oil reserves, like the Alberta oil sands, and “heavy” oil in Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Kuwait are becoming financially viable using new extraction techniques, including Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).
Gas exploitation is equally innovative, including shale gas in the US and “sour” gas in Abu Dhabi.

Downstream there is a continuing evolution in refineries and petrochemicals. Many producing countries are anxious to add value to their product instead of just selling “’crude” and are building new state-of-the-art facilities for refining operations and the production of plastics. This includes the Middle East, India, China and Brazil.

At the same time big investments are being made in pipelines: Nord Stream, Kazakhstan-China, Yamal-Europe, Nabucco, the Trans-Saharan, etc. Continuing gas growth is also driving expenditure on compression stations, gas-to-liquid processing plants, and loading and unloading terminals.

Onshore facilities need energy and control cables which can operate under aggressive conditions (intense heat and cold), while protecting workers, infrastructure and the environment. They also demand reliable telecommunications, often over long distances, to assure safe and efficient operations. “Smart wells” need remote management capability through sensor, instrumentation and control cables, and extended WANs and LANs.

What do you expect from a cable manufacturer?

  • full range of cables for energy, control, and data
  • special cables for exploration, exploitation, refineries and petrochemicals
  • high-reliability and low-maintenance for continuous production
  • cables that can operate in both Arctic and desert conditions
  • technologies for pipelines, tanker LNG transfer, storage
  • innovative solutions to meet the challenge of deep-well drilling
  • multicultural technical services for international projects
  • environmental friendliness and safety

To answer these challenges, Nexans provides a complete range of cables and accessories for all of your Oil and gas onshore projects.