Micro-cablesB-Lite for optimized blowability of up to 96-fiber cables in microducts for local loop access and vertical risers in buildings.

Belgacom is expanding its FTTC and VDSL networks nationwide using micro-blown cable from Nexans.

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Micro blown cables
Cavi per segnali e trasmissione dati/Cavi per impianti esterni/Cavi a fibra ottica

This product range covers the compact cables that are installed with compressed air inside microducts. Nexans – Opticable offer a wide range of micro cables from 2.4 mm (with a maximum of 4 fibres) to 6.4 mm (up to 96 fibres). These cables offer an excellent blown ability that has been appreciated by many European Telecom operators.

These cables are adapted to the different FTTX approaches (Access networks,  Fibre To The Street cabinet, Fibre To The Curb, Fibre To The Home,  xDSL,  Private networks, LAN, MAN…).

NB: The former 96 core with an outer diameter 7.2 mm(SP0977) is replaced by a new cable (SP1351) with an outer diameter 6.4 mm (enabling to blow a 96 core in a 8/10 mm microduct).